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Choosing the degree that is right for you is one of the most important decisions you are likely to make. Our degrees offer a thorough grounding in all major areas of computing, and give you the creative and problem-solving skills you will need to work with the technology of tomorrow.

All degrees can be completed in three years of study, or extended to four years through an industrial placement year (taken after the 2nd year). The degrees are structured to give some flexibility in the first year to transfer to a different subject within the Department.

Computer Science BSc 

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc 

Computing for Business and Management BSc

Computing for Digital Media BSc

Games and Multi Media Environments (GAME) BSc 

Computing Sciences (with a foundation year) BSc 

Advanced Computer Science MSc

Computing with Digital Media MSc

Evolutionary and Adaptive Systens MSc

Human – Computer Interaction MSc

Information Technology with Business and Management MSc

Intelligent Systems MSc

Management of Information Technology MSc

Click here to see more info on the above undergraduate courses and the postgraduate courses and how to join US at Sussex…

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