Creative Solutions to Real World Problems – Sussex Students Take on the Global Design Challenge…

The Global Design Challenge is a unique, core module for all first-year students in the School of Engineering and Informatics at Sussex. This year’s participants were invited to consider a range of sustainable development projects from the Peruvian coastal town of Lobitos. Around 450 students worked in interdisciplinary teams over one week to tackle real life design briefs provided by Engineering without Borders UK. Students from the School were also joined for the first time by International Year 1 students of Engineering and Computing from the International Study Centre.

GDC 2017 Award Ceremony GDC team members pose with their certificates at the GDC Awards Ceremony. L-R (back): Agneau Belanyek (ISG), Jade Howarth, Eimontas Jankauskis, Sotirios Athanasoulias, Jonathan Bacon (AHoS), Laura Keeling, Willoughby Wilding-Taylor, Lucy Uffindell-Saunderson, Bill Keller, L-R (front) Ann Light, Robert Linder, Kate Howland. Photograph: Vik Winter

At the end of the week, teams presented their design solutions to a panel of judges for the chance to win the School GDC prize of £200, and the runners up prize of £100. The judges commented that the standard of the student projects was very high. Jonathan Bacon, the Acting Head of School commented: “This is a brilliant interdisciplinary learning experience for our students, with Engineering, Product Design, Informatics, and International Study Centre Students working together in teams to develop sustainable solutions to design briefs.”

GDC 2017 Winners
Will and Lucy receive winner certificates from Acting Head of School, Prof. Jonathan Bacon (holding the winning Local Cloud Interlink communication pod). Photograph Vik Winter

The winning team consisted of Jamie To, Lucy Uffindell-Saunderson and Willoughby Wilding-Taylor with their Local Cloud Interlink (LoCI) communication pods. This was a highly imaginative solution to the communication and data acquisition problems in Lobitos. Judges were particularly impressed by the flexibility of the pods, which can be tailored to specific functions such as water supply timings, fishing data tracking, and weather & news broadcasting.

The GDC Team wishes to congratulate all participants, in particular those who presented in the finals, for all their hard work and dedication this year. Well done!

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