Help get Mobil 1 Sussex Racing off the start line!

You can help Sussex achieve a record-breaking finish at the largest ever international student motorsport competition!

The Mobil 1 Sussex Racing Team have put together a Crowdfunding campaign which launches today here – with all funding going towards the building of their single seat racing car ready for competition at Silverstone in July. In return, they are offering different levels of recognition in their pit lane, seen by thousands of people over the weekend, as well as exclusive Mobil 1 merchandise. Every little bit will help them build their car!

So – who are Mobil 1 Sussex Racing?

Mobil 1 Sussex Racing is The University of Sussex’s Formula Student team, consisting of 13 young talented 4th year engineers from various disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.  Their task is to design, manufacture and race a single seat Formula One style car.

And what is the Formula Student Competition?

Formula Student is the world’s largest student motorsport competition, in which top engineering students from over 100 globally recognised universities build and race a Formula style racing car. The finale of this competition takes place every year at the world famous Silverstone racetrack. In 2016 over 130 teams from 30+ countries competed in the event, with over 100,000 people spectating!

The work towards the competition contributes towards the grading of the Team’s final master’s degree classifications. With Ross Brawn OBE (Formula One Managing Director of Motorsport) as the patron, there is no better way to give Sussex international recognition for excellence in engineering.

Why does Sussex Racing need your support ?

This year’s Sussex Racing team are more ambitious than any before.  With extreme plans well and truly underway in order to shave off seconds from our lap times and push us up the league tables, Sussex Racing require assistance to fund these tough new challenges.

Your support will help them to:

  • Introduce front and rear wing spoilers for the first time in SR history
  • Upgrading our prototype differential to a Drexler FSAE differential
  • Introducing pneumatic gear change, significantly reducing our gearshift times, reducing our transfer time back to full throttle
  • Manufacturing our wishbones from Carbon Fibre material
  • Advanced telemetry systems capable of measuring our drivers every move from the comfort of our pit-lane

We are all certain that with the right backing, each of the team members can succeed in their ambitious tasks, but they can only do this with your help!

Head on over to the Mobil 1 Sussex Racing Crowdfunding Campaign page here and check out the different levels of pledges and rewards on offer – and help bring their plans to reality!

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