could robots ‘commit more crime than humans by 2040’? Sussex’s Dr Ron Chrisley thinks not…

Ever since Terminator, we have had a bit of an obsession about a global take-over by robots. With increasing Artificial Intelligence, advancements in humanoid forms and even self-driving cars, it appears to many that we are hurtling head long into a future inevitably ruled by robots. And just like Terminator, not all robots are forecast to be that friendly, so when Tracey Follows from The Future Laboratory warned that ‘robots will be committing more crime than humans by 2040’ it may come as no surprise at all.

But exactly what do we think of as ‘crime’? If a robot, or a self driving car is hacked remotely, who is to blame – the hacker or the car? If the hacker is human, then surely the robot cannot be entirely blamed? According to the UK’s National Crime Agency, 53% of crimes were classed as ‘cyber crimes’ – a term which may come to mean more than it does now, with humans being the perpetrators within the virtual sphere. Of course, once you factor in artificial intelligence and computers which actually ‘learn’, we are back into Terminator territory.

So should we be worried about this as an impending future? Dr Ron Chrisley – Director of the Centre for Cognitive Science here in the School of Engineering and Informatics:

“The fact is, robots, despite what one might be encouraged to believe from sci-fi, and despite what may happen in the far future, currently lack what we consider real intentions, emotions and purposes,” he wrote in The Conversation last year. “And contrary to recent alarmist claims, nor are they going to acquire those capacities in the near future.”

So perhaps we have a little while to go until we really are facing a time travelling, mouldable humanoid killer robot that can ride a motorbike…

*** LISTEN BELOW *** to Dr Ron Chrisley being interviewed about AI crime on Radio Sputnik…

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