Dr Daniel Roggen discusses the future of wearable technology on The Student Room…

Wearable technology. A phrase that has become synonymous with each technological update and release, but what will we be doing with wearable tech in the future? Will it become ingrained in each of our lives in the same way smart phones have over the last decade? Dr Daniel Roggen, who is part of the Sensor Technology Research Centre here at the University of Sussex has a few thoughts on the matter, which he shared last week at The Student Room – the largest student based website in the country.

Dr Daniel Roggen using wearable technology

From tracking our workouts to talking to our virtual doctors, Dr Roggen lists four things that he believes wearable technology will be helping us with in the next decade – and of course, the difficulties and challenges that we will need to overcome.

And the brilliant thing about The Student Room is that you are able to ask a question at the bottom – which will be answered by Dr Roggen directly in the coming days! So – have a read here and ask a question – do you think we will be dependant on wearable tech? Will it be complimentary to other systems? What do you envisage for the future…?

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