The Sussex Sensor Technology Research Centre presents at the Royal Society of Chemistry…

The Sensor Technology Research Centre’s expertise was showed at the Royal Society of Chemistry Sensors Meeting recently, after the group were invited to be part of the eighth annual Royal Society of Chemistry AAMG Conference Sensors 2016 held in London UK ( June 21st 2016)


The conference examined the design and application of materials and development of wearable smart sensors and technologies for monitoring medical, biological and other related processes. It was a great opportunity for STRC colleagues to present their current research and areas of expertise while opening new opportunities for networking with research teams and Industry.

The key note session was opened by the University of Sussex faculty member Dr. Daniel Roggen, giving an overview of Novel Wearable Sensor Technologies – in particular along human behaviour analytics and new interaction paradigms using wearables.


Two more talks were presented aiming to show the current research areas from STRC such as the talk presented by Dr. Niko Münzenrieder about his research work on Soft and Stretchable Electronics for Unobtrusive Wearable and Implantable Sensor Systems.

Research Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Rendon-Morales presented her research work on Electric Potential Sensors as novel Biosensors for applications in electrophysiology – in particular her latest results on sensors development for applications in cardio-electrophysiology during embryonic stages.


Dr. Roggen said: “This meeting was an excellent opportunity to understand the UK research landscape in the wider area of wearable technologies and establish connections with other researchers”.

Dr Rendon-Morales said: “With this participation, the Sussex patented Electric Potential sensing technology was received among the Chemistry community with great expectation, as a promising technology aiming to open new pathways for monitoring medical processes including new applications in bioscience.”

The main objective of this meeting was to build bridges between communities aiming to identify the future UK research path for Sensors and wearable technologies for applications in medical, biological and health care – and we look forward to hearing how things develop from here… watch this space as they say!

(images courtesy of Dr Rendon-Morales)

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