AI, Its Nature and Future by Prof Maggie Boden is released…

The latest book by Sussex Research Professor of Cognitive Science, Maggie Boden,   “AI, Its Nature and Future” (OUP) was published on Thursday 26th May and has already started to make waves.

Prof Boden’s new book is featured as one of the 4 “Lead Titles” in OUP’s Trade (Science) catalogue and was picked as one of the top five current science book releases in Nature.

Plus, this book will be travelling about – starting with the Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival (plus book-signing, and a BBC-Click TV interview). It will also feature in the Times/Sunday Times Cheltenham Science Festival in June, the Edinburgh Book Festival this coming August and the Folkestone Book Festival in November.  Professor Boden will also be giving the Distinguished Lecture at the University of Birmingham this October, named ‘Can Science Explain Creativity?’

And it is one of 6 books chosen by Paul Mason for his edition of “ArtsNight” on BBC-2, 3rd June, with Professor Boden being interviewed for the programme too…

Wow. That’s a busy schedule indeed! We’ll keep you posted of any more appearances and features – watch this space!

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