***REVIEW*** BSc Product Design degree show…

The BSc Product Design degree show has now finished, but we caught up with one of the visitors – Will Seth – a product designer at Sussex who is currently out on placement, and asked him to write a review for us…

‘I recently had the experience of being able to visit the University of Sussex Design Show, which happens once a year, and allows the final year students to display the project they have been working on throughout the whole year.

Chatura Fernando Monkeysaver

‘monkeysaver’ by Chatura Fernando

The overall quality of work displayed by the final year students at the design show impressed me immensely and highlighted the effort given by the students throughout the entirety of the course. Having had a preview of the projects and listening to the earlier interim presentations, it was amazing to see how much each of the products had developed in a very short amount of time.

Conor Shimizu Artemis

‘artemis’ by Conor Shimizu

The students were able to explain their projects in a very clear manner and then answer questions posed to them in great detail. Each student showed a furthered interest in the subject areas they were working in, which as a viewer was extremely encouraging and gave me more confidence in the application of the project in real world. Due to my previous knowledge of the projects, I also listened in to the student’s conversations with other guests who had not had any interaction with the project before. The level of detail and clarity in the answers from all the students was excellent and it appeared that the other guests had received the answer to their question.

Henry Spencer Train9

‘Train9’ by Henry Spencer

As a viewer I found that how the student had chosen to display their work was what initially drew my attention to their projects. Having an engaging display steered me to certain projects before others and also meant I ended up speaking with these students for longer. Of all the projects, I was drawn Artemis, Conor Shimizu’s aquarium/terrarium, first. Having the live element to the display allowed the viewer immerse themselves in the project. Monkeysaver, Chat Fernando’s student money management app, was another project that stood out for me. The use of boards and graphics to display the user interface were beautifully designed and filled the stand, although all the content for the project was electronic. The other stand out project, for me, was Maka – Toby Whelan’s magnetic toy for children with autism. The overall branding of the product was very well thought out, and encompassed the fun element of the product whilst still remaining very professional.

Toby Whelan MAKA

‘MAKA’ by Toby Whelan

From what I saw at the design show, I was able to take away a lot of useful ideas when presenting a product. The way the students were able to present such professional products has really excited me for when I have the opportunity to display my own work in my final year.’

Thank you Will – we look forward to seeing what you come up with in your final year! 

*** missed the University of Sussex Product Design degree show? All is not lost – come and see them at New Designers Part 2 – 6-9 July 2016, Business Design Centre, Islington, London***

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