Get up close and personal with robots for the Brighton Science Festival…

February in Brighton means the Brighton Science Festival which runs from 2-28th, and this year the University of Sussex is taking part in lots of interesting activities, from debates and talks to hands on workshops. One such workshop is the Robogals Robotics Extravaganza with School of Engineering and Informatics students…

Robogals Robotics Extravaganza

This will be a highly interactive activity where the attendees are given access to robots and encouraged to experiment with them to solve puzzles. The robots are controlled by changing their environment, and as part of the session children will learn how the sensors that control the robot work. This also allows them to see how the sensors are inspired by biological structures such as the human eye. The workshop is run by University of Sussex students who, as well as helping everyone get to grips with robotics, also encourage the children to think about how robots are used in the real world. This workshop is run by Robogals, an international, not for profit organisation whose goal is to address the gender imbalance in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects both in academia and the workforce. Robogals does this by running workshops and providing positive role models to young people. The workshops are hands on and give the attendees a taste of STEM’s exciting potential.

When: Wednesday 17 February
What time: various times – click here for details and booking

How much: £ – free (donations)

Where: Brighton Eagle Lab 

1 Preston Road,
Brighton, BN1 4QE
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