University of Sussex supports the IMechE at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015…

The IMechE was represented at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 with a stand dedicated to promoting engineering to a new generation of future engineers – with key representation from a set of undergraduate engineers – the University of Sussex Formula Student team. The team also showcased their 2015 entry to the competition sporting a unique artistic paintwork scheme by internationally renowned artist MIA, along with support from supporting companies in the southern area of the Automobile Division such as Ricardo UK.

IMechE at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 [2742983]
The Festival of Speed attracts over 200,000 visitors each year, many families with children who are enthused by all things automotive, and hence is an ideal event for reaching out into the wider community where both children, young adults and parents are together, an idea target audience for engineering recruitment.

Over the course of the 4 days it is estimated that a footfall of 3,000 or more passed by the IMechE stand with over 250 stopping for in depth conversation, competition or activities for families. A wind tunnel challenge was provided by Ricardo to engage the mid to older children, which involved developing a car for minimum aerodynamic drag, testing the design in the wind tunnel and then some calculations for work out where the competitors have come on the magnetic “Top Gear” style leaderboard – an attraction that would bring those closest to the top would come back again through the day so see how they were doing overall.

IMechE at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 2
For the more junior visitors a competition to design their ideal car was running, in conjunction with a similar competition for schools, to engage the young minds with problem solving and creativity. Entries were proudly displayed around the walls of the marquee, resulting in crowded surfaces by the end of the weekend.

Overall it must be considered a very successful return to the Festival of Speed, being 5 years since the last time the IMechE were represented there through the ADSC, and the University of Sussex were delighted to assist and have the opportunity to speak to the next generation of aspiring engineers…

(images via the IMechE)

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