Top 10 finish in the UK for the University of Sussex Formula Student Team 2015…

Early July for many brings the gradual winding down in readiness for a long summer, but for students competing in the annual Formula Student competition run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, this is the time to finalise designs of the single seater race cars that have taken a year to develop, do last tests and get ready for a set of intense days at the Silverstone with around 100 other student teams from across the globe.

Last month we blogged about the new artistic direction the University of Sussex had taken with the body of their 2015 race car, but now we can reveal the results from the actual event at Silverstone – where, despite a few last minute alterations, the Formula Student Mobil 1 Team Sussex were able to compete in all the tests, from acceleration to the skid pan – culminating in a 28th position overall and a fantastic 9th position in the UK. 

There are also two classes to the competition – class one being the race car element and class two being the more theoretical elements to the car design and development.

The class two team for 2015, who will form part of the class one team next year were also part of the event, and finished with a 5th in the UK for their theory element at Formula Student 2015. It will be very interesting to see how they take their experiences of the event forward to next year, when they will build and race their own design of car in July 2016.

the class 2 team in this years car - what will theirs look like next year?

the class 2 team in this years car – what will theirs look like next year?

So, a fantastic set of results!

Well done to the whole of Mobil 1 Team Sussex and we will have another update next week with a little more of an in depth account from one of the team members about the experience of the day…

(photos by Malcolm Tam)

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