Water Harvesting Team Flushed with Success!

This year the Global Design Challenge became part of the School’s first year curriculum as a core module for all 310 Engineering, Design and Informatics students. The module took the form of an interdisciplinary design activity run over nine weeks in 11 smaller ‘hubs’. Students worked in teams of four to tackle a set of design briefs put together by Engineering without Borders in conjunction with Nepal Water for Health.

GDC 2015 Prize Giving Ceremony

GDC team members pose with their certificates at the GDC Awards Ceremony.  Photograph: Morten Watkins


At the end of the term, winning teams from each hub were invited to deliver their presentations to a panel of judges for the chance to win the School GDC prize of £200. Out of the eleven hubs there were two runner up teams (winning £100 each) and one overall winning team.

The winning team consisted of Essa Abel, Jack Hutchinson, Sarah Miller and Shazamin Shahrani with their design project titled: First Flush System for Harvesting Clean Rainwater. Judges praised the team’s presentation for its clarity and attention to detail, and were particularly impressed by the  consideration the team gave to the economic and environmental sustainability of their design and its fit within the project context.

The runner up teams consisted of Madeline Stokes, Jamie Mayer, Kimberley Clarke and Yasmin Ghanty for their Crops Conservation design project and Emmett Lilley, Themistoklis Anastasiadis, Flavius Morariu and Brodie Peach for their Plastic Bottle Water Filter design project.

The GDC Team wishes to congratulate all participants, in particular those who presented in the finals, for all their hard work and dedication this year.

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