Cells and Celluloid – a Science and Cinema special…

As Blade Runner returns to the big screen in the wake of Ex Machina and Chappie, Adam Rutherford and Francine Stock investigated the role of artificial intelligence in cinema recently in a special ‘Science and Cinema’ edition of Cells and Celluloid on BBC Radio 4, with two University of Sussex expert contributors giving their viewpoints. Dr Andy Philippides demonstrated why some scientists are not that interested in humanoid robots and Professor Anil Seth discussed the big question of robot conciousness as part of the BBC’s Make It Digital campaign.


In the same programme, computer programmer Bill Thompson revealed the best and worst examples of coding in film history, and games reviewer Helen Lewis showed Francine how A.I. is changing the future of gaming. Professor Christopher Frayling also presented a brief history of the robot in movies and the subject of robot conciousness was also discussed by Professor Roger Luckhurst, and from novelist Naomi Alderman.

Check out the programme on BBC iPlayer Radio here

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