School students create the Water Filter Challenge for One World Week…

The Water Filter Challenge was an activity lead by last year’s Global Design Competition participants encouraging visitors of the One World Week events on campus in March to use a selection of materials available to them to create and test a water filter.  The materials they could choose from included two different types of sand, gravel, plastic bottles and coffee filters.GDC takes Pprt in One World Week with the Water Filter Challenge

This year’s Global Design Challenge is a core module for all first year Engineering, Informatics and Product Design students – working in groups of 3-4 they have been collaborating to come up with design solutions for real-world problems.  The GDC is run in conjunction with this year’s Engineers without Borders design topic “Nepal Water for Health”, so it seemed sensible to stick with the water theme and create a related interactive activity.

GDC takes Pprt in One World Week with the Water Filter Challenge

The water filter activity was really well received and many passing staff, students and visitors were interested and stepped up to the plate to create their own water filter.  The student helpers on hand to talk visitors through the activity all took part in last year’s GDC (then called the Global Design Competition) and so they were able to discuss their project work and participation with visitors.

(images by Morten Watkins)

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