Mobil 1 Team 2015 Sussex Meet Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing

On Tuesday the 17th of February, Mobil 1 Team Sussex Team Leader Harry McVicar, Chief Engineer Ed Osman, and Commercial Director Martin Law met with the university’s Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing to introduce the 2015 Team and discuss the progress of the project.

Formula Student VC meet 2Professor Farthing has taken a personal interest in Formula Student for a number of years, consistently attending the launch party for the team’s race cars. In 2014 he also attended the final day of the Formula Student UK competition at Silverstone, naturally this enabled him to pose a number of questions to the 2015 team, such as: What are you doing to improve the car for this year? How are you choosing and preparing your drivers?

The team explained that the main aim for this year’s car was to reduce weight whilst maintaining reliability. They also described their plan for having the car built earlier than previous years, to allow for plenty of time for car shakedown and driver training, with the ambition of simulating several of the tests that the car will undergo during Formula Student UK 2015 at Silverstone in July.Formula Student VC meet 3As is tradition, the team also presented the Vice Chancellor with the team’s sponsorship brochure, which is used to explain the competition, the team’s work and to request project funding from corporations. Professor Farthing is always keen to distribute these, with the aim of promoting the project, the engineering department, and the university.

As in previous years, the brochure has been designed by one of the BSc Product Designers at Sussex, with the team acting as the client. This year, the brochure has been designed by Shannen Gaffney, who is currently completing her final project.

(photos courtesy of Morten Watkins)

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