Sussex team win best paper at the European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks

Miniature sensors can be used to analyse and recognise human behaviours and activities: this has many applications in personalised healthcare or sports performance assessment – and we are delighted to announce that Dr Daniel Roggen and colleagues Luis Cuspinera, Falah Ali and Long-Van Nguyen-Dinh received a best paper award at the 12th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks held in Porto from 9th to 11th of February.

beach combo
This award recognises the author’s work on a novel ultra-low-power method to recognise gestures from body-worn sensors. The authors demonstrated the method in the context of autonomous living and beach volleyball. For instance, during the player serve (left image) the wrist rotates rapidly. This rotating motion is unique to the serve movement and can be sensed (in red on the right figure) and automatically recognized by the author’s method (right figure, bottom)

Using less than 135 microwatts, this approach enables new generation of smart wearables and mobile devices capable of understanding human behaviour over very long periods of time.

best paper

The use of smart wearables has seen a huge increase in recent years – from professional athletes using technology to assess and improve their performance all the way down to those of us who use trackers and apps during exercise and the work being carried out by Dr Roggen and his colleagues shows the exciting possibilities for the future…

(images courtesy of Dr Daniel Roggen)

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