Plastic manufacturing visit for the Product Designers and Engineers…

Our students often have the opportunity to visit practitioners and manufacturing companies and recently Engineering and Informatics tutors Mark Jenkins and Mike King took students on the Design for Industry module plus several Masters Mechanical Engineers on a visit to a local Injection moulding and Rapid Prototype company, Pentagon Plastics Ltd.Pentagon Plastic 1

Based in Horsham, West Sussex, Pentagon Plastics, presented the group to a thorough two and a half hour presentation of the fundamentals of their business and industrial processes. The group were then taken on a guided tour of the factory, seeing first hand the moulding and tool-making operations, plus being able to speak to the skilled employees working for the company.Pentagon Plastic 2
The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and got to learn many of the unique details related to the design for plastic moulding by having direct experience at the manufacturing site of Pentagon Plastics.Pentagon Plastic 3
With lots of visits planned for 2015, we will be keeping track of other off-campus trips here at created by US…
(photos courtesy of Mike King)

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