School Professor features in New Scientist 2015 Preview…

Welcome back to 2015 – and we are delighted to start back with a lovely bit of news. Professor Anil Seth, who is co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex and has featured a number of times here on created by US (including for his consultancy work on the award winning book ‘Eye Benders’) has been featured in the New Scientist 2015 Preview.

Anil Seth New Scientist Preview 2015

The Preview looks at 20 stories and subjects which they feel will be highly relevant over the coming year – asking experts in the area to provide a bit of information about their research.

Professor Seth speaks about what he thinks will be the exciting developments in the area of Neuroscience and technology.

Click here to go to the New Scientist 2015 Preview and see both Professor Seth’s and other experts forecasts for what we can expect to see develop over the next twelve months…

(image via New Scientist)

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