engineering students on visit to the JCB offices…

A collaboration of 30 Engineering students, from both the University of Sussex and Brighton, recently made the journey to the JCB offices in Rochester, Staffordshire to learn more about the brand and its products through the experience of a factory tour and museum visit.

2014-11-26 16.12.33

USIDE rep Ed Randall, as well as joining the trip was the key driver in organising the event for Sussex students, said of his experience  ‘I didn’t realise manufacturing was so innovative and engaging it was very interesting to see the automated processes of the manufacturing, it was an education.’2014-11-26 15.50.19

Working with the regions young members of IMechE collectively the group experienced the whole manufacturing process at JCB from start to finish. Unfortunately, but for clear reasons, photography is not allowed within the factory but photos taken by students in the museum give a good insight into the experience.2014-11-26 14.19.32

Visitors see that the factory is not just an assembly line, with production of 90% of JCB components being on sight, parts such as the cab are those which are brought in; effectively JCB machinery produces JCB machinery. You are taken through the production area and processes of e.g. the chassis, digger arms and hydraulic arms and production of the well-known JCB ‘Back Hoe Loader.’  The design office sits within the workshop; the team producing components working on e.g. solid works can see their products being put into manufacture, with part of the workshop being used as a testing area.2014-11-26 16.03.01

JCB is a true British Engineering success story, a family owned company, you can find out more about JCB and the tour at:

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