the Intrepid Camera smashes their Kickstarter target…

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the Intrepid Camera – a final year project by BSc Product Design graduate Maxim Grew that has been developed from a fully working prototype of a re-imagined large format camera to a production ready product. Joining up with fellow Product Design graduate, Eddie Garcia, the pair have worked over the last few months to ready the Intrepid Camera for a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the first production run. And back in October, we were delighted to announce that they had reached their £27k target in under two days. Incredible.

the Intrepid Camera Co


But, a Kickstarter project does not finish when (and if) you reach your target. No. It runs for the whole 30 day time period… so, if you are doing well, you are very likely to do really well by the end of the campaign.

And, last week, the Kickstarter campaign for The Intrepid Camera finished – raising a total of £63,158, with 495 backers from across the globe, which is incredible. It has also allowed the guys to purchase machinery and get the keys to their first workshop in Brighton to start the production.

We are all absolutely delighted for Max and Eddie – The Intrepid Camera is not only a beautiful piece of kit, it ensures that large format photography is available – and accessible for the next generation. Plus, the buzz that has been generated by this very personal form of fundraising ensures that there will be a whole raft of Intrepid Camera evangelists around the world when the cameras go into production for delivery next March (when I will be taking mine to the Alps – whoo hoo – Ed)

We cannot wait to see how the guys get on, and if we can get a sneaky peek of their workshop when it is set up, we will report back…

Take a look at The Intrepid Camera Project for more information – 

(photos by Maxim Grew)

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