Eye Benders wins The Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize…

A little while back in May, we wrote about Eye Benders:the science of seeing and believing – a book about optical illusions by Clive Gifford where our very own Professor Anil Seth, who is co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science was the main consultant. Back in May, we were delighted to announce that the book had been shortlisted as one of six titles in the running for The Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2014.

Today, we are even more delighted to say that Eye Benders has won!

eye benders book

Each year, The Royal Society awards a prize to the book that best communicates science to the under-14 category of readers, promoting engaging science and educational writing. The winning book is chosen by a range of Judging Panels across the UK which are made up of young people – and from the quotes we saw on the Young People’s Book Prize website, they certainly were impressed…

Matt, 12 said “Science from a different perspective. Factual and interesting – a spiral of a read!”

Beth, 14 said “It was way, way cool!

Ethan, 12 said “The illustrations were absolutely amazing”

Joe, 12 said “A great, well written and well thought-out book; the illustrations are clear, detailed and amazing. The front cover is beautiful.”

Felix, 10 said “Eye popping and mind-blowingly fun!’

Congratulations to the author Clive Gifford and consultant Professor Anil Seth for Eye Benders, and we can also congratulate Professor Seth as he has just been appointed Editor-in-Chief of a new journal ‘Neuroscience of Consciousness’ – part of Oxford University Press’ 2014 portfolio. 

We look forward to reporting more on Professor Seth’s work here very soon…

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