[UPDATED!] sussex product design graduates launch the Intrepid Camera on Kickstarter…

There are times in design that everything slots into place with a project. The research is there, the materials are right, the context is correct and the positioning is perfect. Things are elegant and considered. The project looks stunning and essentially – works – which is what turns a product from being good to being great. And University of Sussex Product Design graduate Maxim Grew has ticked all these boxes with his Intrepid Camera project, which is currently taking Kickstarter by storm.

The Intrepid Camera started life as Max’s final year project whilst on the BSc Product Design degree and quickly progressed through a multitude of working prototypes to becoming not only a beautiful object constructed from birch faced ply, card and fabric to being a camera that did exactly what Max had set out to do. It was a reinvention of the traditional large format camera for the next generation of photographers – lightweight, simple to construct and being able to create stunning images.

created by US editor and University of Sussex Associate Claire Potter had the pleasure of seeing the project develop throughout the year, to the point where Max was able to take an instant photo of the examining panel during his final presentation. It was impressive in so many ways and Max got great feedback throughout the Design Show – but it was really interesting to think about where the project would go next. Would Max develop it beyond the working prototype shown in April?

Well, we are glad to say that it hasn’t been left. Eddie Garcia – a fellow University of Sussex Product Design graduate has joined Max and the Intrepid Camera Co is growing, with the 4 x 5 Large  Format Camera launching on Kickstarter on Monday 20th October. Our main Editor, Claire was also delighted that she was the first person to support the project within minutes of it going live, nabbing one of the Super Early Bird Camera packages (haha! yes – which I am planning on taking up into the Alps next March – Ed), and a couple of hours later, and the project was already into the thousands of pounds of backing.

an example of one of the images created by the Intrepid Camera…

Looking on Tuesday morning, the project had raised half of the £27k project funding target – in under 24 hours of being live and with backers from the UK, Australia, USA, Japan, Germany and many more countries besides… and with 29 days still to go on the Kickstarter…

At the time of writing (Tuesday afternoon), the project was at already at £17k of backing, which is extraordinary, but hugely representative of not only the hard work put into the project, but the real desire of people to get back a style of photography that otherwise is out of reach.

We managed to nab a couple of minutes with Max and Eddie, who were thrilled with the buzz already being created by the project in it’s first 24 hours…

‘with little under 24 hours after the Kickstarter was launched we have already reached more than half our goal and we cannot help but feel overwhelmed and of course, grateful. The response and support have been amazing and since the campaign went live the messages and emails haven’t stopped!’

‘This is exactly what we wanted when we came up with this idea – for a product that we feel very passionate about that really resonates with people – and so far so good. There is an incredibly high demand for the Intrepid Camera and this only makes us more excited and driven to reach our goal and get started on production. There are already loads of folks out there waiting for their camera but we will only be able to do this once the project is fully funded. We are super appreciative of those who have already taken part, encouraged people to make pledges and spread the word – thank you so much!’

Course leader of the BSc Product Design Degree at the University of Sussex, Diane Simpson-Little is also delighted with the success of the project, ‘our students leave Sussex with a fantastic grounding in all areas of design and go onto a multitude of careers within the industry, but it is always wonderful to see a project conceived and developed during a student’s time at Sussex be further evolved and launched as a finished product to such a great reception. The Intrepid Camera is a great achievement and I was privileged to observe its growth over the year, and I am certain we will see much more from the company in the future.’

A fantastic project, by passionate people and created by hand with love and care. What more could you ask for? We just can’t wait to see what the Intrepid Camera Co will do next…

And fancy your own Intrepid Camera? Check out and support The Intrepid Camera Co’s Kickstarter project here!



We have some excellent news to share – after only TWO DAYS, the Intrepid Camera has been 100% funded on Kickstarter, which is incredible (and also means that I will get my camera! – Ed) A huge well done from all of us at created by US – we look forward to not only seeing the cameras in production but also what the Intrepid Camera Co will come up with next…

Here is a little screen shot of the moment…

Intrepid camera funded

(images courtesy of  the Intrepid Camera Co)

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