Widening Participation with Interaction Design…

The Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) conference was recently held at the University of Sussex and Product Design Tutorial Fellow Cathy Grundy and Lecturer in Interaction Design Kate Howland gave a joint presentation about their Widening Participation activities with local school, Fairlight Primary.

interaction design widening participation

The project presented is entitled ‘Games in the Park’, and was designed to  introduce pupils to both Informatics and Product Design disciplines whilst also attempting to build their confidence about studying at University in the future.   The pupils learnt how to design and implement a Location Based Game to be played in Stanmer Park, which was authored on campus using a package called ARIS.

The results were also presented during a research paper at the ‘Fascinate’ conference held in Falmouth in August.


The children, aged between 9 and 10,  were successful in creatively producing games characters, videos and a series of interactive game activities outdoors.  The project, which has now been running for two years, has been an enjoyable and productive experience for all involved. #

(photos by Morten Watkins)

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