First outing for Mobil 1 Team Sussex 2015 at Open Day…

The Open Day on the 5th September was not only an ideal opportunity for prospective students and their families to visit the campus and get a feel for what we do here in the School of Engineering and Informatics, it was an ideal opportunity for this years Formula Student team, Mobil 1 team Sussex 2015 to talk to people about the project, their plans for their car and of course, do a spot of fundraising.
Open Day Sept 14 Formula Student 1

Formula Student is an exciting project available to both the engineers and product designers at Sussex and involves the design, engineering, building and racing of a single seat race car, culminating in an international competition against other teams at Silverstone.

Open Day Sept 14 Formula Student 2

As well as the engineering side, the Formula Student is also an exercise in marketing and fundraising, with Mobil 1 Team Sussex also donating half of the funds raised to their charity, Help For Heroes. After starting with an empty bucket at the start of Open Day, the team had raised nearly £100 on their first fundraising exercise, half of which, plus subsequently raised funds will be donated to Help For Heroes.

Plus, the team also met with a set of final year Sussex Product Designers this week to discuss the design and layout of their promotional material for the coming year… We had a sneaky peek at the three designs put forward by the Product Designers and the team certainly have a tough decision on their hands, so watch this space as we will cover the reveal in the next two weeks…

(photos by Morten Watkins)

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