Mobil 1 Team Sussex Visit team patron Gerry Hulford…

On Thursday the 7th of August, the University of Sussex Formula Student team was invited to visit team patron Gerry Hulford’s home to have an in depth look at his Formula Jedi car –  a single seat race car very similar in design to the Formula Student car the 2015 team will be building over the next 11 months.


Gerry Hulford has been supporting Mobil 1 Team Sussex with his wealth of race car related knowledge for a number of years now, and this year he has kindly offered to be more involved than ever.

His Formula Jedi car was a reliable and successful racer, driven by Gerry’s son in the early 2000’s. Due to its similarities with a Formula Student car (they both use the same engine and drive train, as well as having similar chassis and suspension), it was something the team could learn a lot from seeing in the flesh.

The 2015 team was given a full technical walk-around of all the details of the car that made it so successful. This highlighted that it was more important to make a car usable and reliable at the amateur end of the racing spectrum, rather than chasing the final percentage of performance. The team had the opportunity to make detailed notes and find out as much as possible about how this was achieved on the Formula Jedi car – and how the methodologies and ideas could be transferred to the 2015 Formula Student car design they will be building in the coming year.

After giving the Formula Student team the tour of the race car, Gerry also spoke about other challenges they would face throughout the year, such as team management, testing and last minute race preparation.

This fantastic visit was an informative and exciting experience for the team, as well as a rare opportunity to experience first hand how a successful race car is built and run. The team would therefore like to thank Gerry again for this opportunity, and look forward to his deeper involvement over the coming year…

(photos by the 2015 Formula Student Team)

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