Formula Student team reveal new car for 2014…

After months of designing, planning, late nights, deadlines and stress, the Mobil 1 Sussex Formula Student Team have revealed the single seater race car that they will take to Silverstone this year to compete against other universities in a series of race categories.

Formula Student 2014

Formula Student is an international competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), which challenges university students to design, build, develop and compete as a team with a single-seat racing car.

The 2014 Mobil 1 Formula Student Team, headed up by MEng student  and Team leader Sam Jewiss was very much focussed on ‘evolution’ rather than ‘revolution’ – taking elements of previous cars that have worked well and building on the technology to create a completely new car.

With roles split between the large team, each element has undergone year long development with the resulting car being quite different from previous years. The body of the car is made up with hemp to decrease the overall weight of the shell and front wings feature on the 2014 for the first time, aiding the aerodynamics and performance of the vehicle.

Formula Student 2014

This week, the car will be taken to a specialist test centre in Essex where the team will gather data about the vehicle’s performance, after which the car will be taken to Silverstone for the start of the Formula Student competition on 9 July.

The project has not been all plain sailing – or driving, though… Team Sussex patron, Richard Atkins, said: “It has been a baptism of fire. They learned a lot of skills, not just engineering skills but interpersonal skills. I know these students will fly the flag for Sussex and I know they will do well.”

The launch event was a chance for the 2014 Team to thank the advisers who have helped them over the year, such as Faculty and technicians from within Sussex and external advisers, such as Rupert Bravery from Mobil 1,  “From a company point of view these guys are the life blood of our business. Aeroplanes still burn kerosene and someday someone will need to come up with an alternative so it’s really important that we support science and engineering.”

formula student 2014

Lord Lieutenant Peter Field, who also attended the launch summed up the importance of the Schools work –  “Designers and engineers are an important part of what we have to offer the world.  I think that they are what the country is going to rely on in the future and here at Sussex we have some key people going forward to secure that future.”

Keep your eyes on created by US as we get the inside track (sorry – Ed) on how the Mobil 1 Team Sussex 2014 do at Silverstone. Good luck all!

(photos courtesy of Sussex and claire potter)

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