First Engineering and Informatics Student show a success…

This April during Week 12, often considered the busiest term week for staff and students, The School of Engineering and Informatics finalist students showcased their final year project work at the School Poster Exhibition held in Chichester I.

eng and inf show 14

As part of their Individual Project work for this year, Engineering and Informatics students were asked to produce an A2 poster that summarized their work.  The intention was for these posters to become part of an exhibition and for students to present their work to fellow students, staff and external visitors.  Apart from being an assessed piece of work, the posters were geared towards getting people talking, minds working and thoughts flowing in order to better understand the projects as well as simply presenting what had been achieved.

The Exhibition, a first for the School’s undergraduates, took place on Tuesday 8th for Informatics students and Wednesday 9th for Engineering students.  The two days were both very well attended by staff and students with approximately 164 students across the two departments showcasing their work.

Oana Stefanescu, a 2nd year Computing for Digital Media student, was provided with the opportunity to make a very short film of the Exhibition.  The film had a delivery deadline of early morning Saturday 12th April as it was to be shown as part of that days Applicants Visit Day.  Oana made her deadline and the film was shown as an example of the challenges a Computing for Digital Media student might experience…

This year’s pilot exhibition has been a tremendous success and has paved the way for next year’s event, which is hoped to be much grander and will feature many more industry guests and visitors from outside the University bubble.

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