pedal power victorious in the Global Design Competition 2014…

Following six weeks, six intensive workshops and a final, nail-biting presentation,“The Ol’ Victorious Fighters”emerged as the overall winners of the Global Design Competition 2014, fighting off tough competition from the other five teams.  The winning team members – Olga Fadejeva, Hussein Hussein, Victor Konde, Fidel Olaye and Tamas Risko – share the £150 cash prize and can be proud of the fact that they are the first team to triumph in what is set to become an annual fixture at Sussex. Prizes were awarded by Professor Diane Mynors, Head of the School of Engineering and Informatics as part of a special One World Week event.

GDC2014 Award Ceremony 1

The winning design was for the “Mechasol”, a bicycle-powered generator and storage battery cart complete with additional solar panel.  A panel of expert judges — Dr. Christopher Long, Diane Simpson-Little and Harri Koivisto – placed the team in top position for the simplicity and practicality of the design along with an excellent presentation.

Olga Fadejeva, part of the winning team said that she was grateful to the School of Engineering and Informatics for organising such an event and that it was a pleasure to meet more staff and students from the School.“We had a good time working together as a team”, said Olga “We were pretty scared to present our work as we thought that we might not be able to answer the questions.”

Fellow team member Tamas Risko commented “I would say one of the goals in my life is to come up with an idea, innovation or even an organisation, with which I can help others born less fortunate.  It was an amazing opportunity to experience this kind of work and meet and work with wonderful people.”

The runner-up team, aptly calling themselves “Friends”, consisted of Aghogho Akponah, Ladi Ariyo, Amanda Diniz, Sam Duarte-Davies, Becky Friend and Jacob Hughes.  The team were awarded a £50 cash prize for their “Bio-Barrel” concept, a portable bio-gas generation kit aimed at rural families and small holders who are looking for a way to re-use waste material to produce energy.  The judges commended  the design for its creativity and utilisation of local materials and resources. There were also positive comments from the judges for the other four teams, who each created novel and innovative designs of their own, all based around power generation for developing countries.

And who knows – perhaps these seeds of ideas will continue to grow as the students progress through their time at Sussex..

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