Engineering and Informatics goes global…

On Tuesday 4th February, 28 students from the School of Engineering and Informatics met in the Fulton building to take part in the first Global Design Competition workshop of 2014.  The enthusiastic participants formed six teams to work towards winning this term’s design competition, setting the £150 cash prize in their sights and knuckling down to the challenge of designing a new portable power generation kit.

global design competition

The Global Design Competition is a unique and exciting new opportunity for students in the School to work on improving their knowledge and research skills as well as to participate in a fun activity that will look great on their CVs.  A total of six workshops are scheduled to run over the Spring term and will be accompanied by a series of talks given by experts in the field of technology and its global context.

Luis Berna, a second year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, shared his initial thoughts on the competition.  “Although we are running a “competition” we all are trying to produce something that can help the community and I believe this will be of mutual benefit for all the teams as well as the final output designs.”

Dr.Bill Keller, Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sussex and co-coordinator of the Global Design Competition, said that “By taking part in this competition, students are developing an understanding of the importance of designing for real world contexts, as well as building valuable team working and communication skills.”

Plus, plans are already underway to run the activities on a bigger scale next year.  So stay tuned to see how this years challenge will develop.

As always, created by US will be following the projects…

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