Viva Brighton front covers by final year Product Designers – competition shortlist revealed…

Just before Christmas we spoke here about the excellent opportunity that the final year Product Designers had as part of their Design Philosophy module, run by Course leader, Diane Simpson-Little – to design the front cover for local magazine, Viva Brighton. Well, the results are now in and we are delighted to announce that not one, but six front cover concepts for Viva Brighton have been selected by Editor Alex Leith as contenders. We caught up with Team PD (final year Product Design BSc) for a full report…

‘On Monday 2nd, Team PD wandered into the Design Studio on a not-so-cold-and-crisp December morning for the final presentations, but it wasn’t until afterwards that our course leader, Diane Simpson-Little,  reigned us in for the news we (and hopefully you) had all been waiting for! Alex Leith from Viva Brighton had finally given Team PD an answer. Much to our surprise, Alex and his graphic designer, Kate, had not chosen one cover for the Viva’s March issue. No no. They had picked six to be put in the running. What does this mean? We were given three marks. One from Diane, one from Alex and one from Kate and if we averaged 75%+ our magazine covers could potentially be published. Looks like Viva Brighton may have their front covers sorted out for a good six months!

Team PD is proud to present its winners:

Becca: Check out this beautiful use of graphics and colours of iconic Brighton buildings. Not only has Becca managed to make such an array of unattractive buildings gorgeous, but she has captured the essence of a Brightonian’s sense of home.

Becca's VivaBrighton

Becca’s VivaBrighton

Edd: This retro time warped cover contrasts highly with many of the others submitted. Now, pay attention to detail! If you look carefully at the pocket watch, the Roman numerals are actually letters spelling Viva. Clever? Indeed.

Ed's VivaBrighton

Ed’s VivaBrighton

Anna: A very different style from the others, Anna decided to go back to traditional art. This acrylic on cardboard portrays two nude figures in grey scale. What it has to do with Brighton is a very good question, but art pulses through this city so hopefully it’ll come of use to Viva Brighton!

Anna's VivaBrighton

Anna’s VivaBrighton

Harry: Now to put a twist on your classic Brighton landmark. This clever, if not ominous, photo (taken by Harry himself), could even confuse the locals. Is this the Royal Pavilion? Of course it is! He has simply focused on one of the less noticeable turrets and created a spectacular, stark image resting on a strong yellow background. Rumour has it, Harry may be published in early 2014…

Harry's vivaBrighton

Harry’s vivaBrighton

Suzy: A beer festival is finding its way into Brighton this March and as is so often seen on Brighton beach in the warmer months, people take their beverages down and just relax on the pebbles. This cover captures that warm feel good environment that enchants Brighton in its sunny spells.

Suzy's VivaBrighton

Suzy’s VivaBrighton

Janet: Let’s mix it up! Janet’s energy fused cover concentrates on Brighton’s architecture and the rhythm of the city. She has not shied away from the so called ‘ugly’ blocks of Brighton that build its sky line, but rather involves them in Brighton’s reality’

Janet's VivaBrighton

Janet’s VivaBrighton

All in all – a great spread of concepts in very different styles. We will, of course, keep you posted of when the first cover is released on Viva Brighton in 2014…

(all pictures courtesy of the featured designers via the Design 2014 blog)

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