the School of Things – the making of…

The brief: to make a new promotional video to showcase the School of Engineering and Informatics.

The challenge: to make something that encompasses the main subject areas in the School (Engineering, Product Design and Informatics) that isn’t just the usual university promotional video.

Filming-13 v2

Filming using the Media Technology Lab’s new Sony FS700 camera

And so we started with a list of things. Big things (CAT engines), loud things (the jet engine in the Thermo-Fluids Research Centre),  unexpected and microscopic things (snail brains anyone?). Cognitive things, mechanical things, electrical things, flying things, neural things, computational things, programmed things, language-based things, media things, digital things, evolutionary things… it was a really long list.

Co-written, produced, directed and edited between Laura Tovey and Dr Phil Watten, and crewed by Phil’s team in the Media Technology Lab; Dr Ben Jackson and Dr Patrick Holroyd, we have spent the best part of a year collecting footage of ‘things’ from around the School to create what we hope showcases the technology, creativity and ingenuity of the School.

Filming-09 v2

The crew (from left to right): Patrick Holroyd, Phil Watten, Laura Tovey and Ben Jackson filming the eye tracker equipment.

This is what makes us different. Watch it here from Monday 16th December…

Photo Credits: Malcolm Tam

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