Robots and You – what should we be asking about artificial intelligence?

What exactly is a ‘smart’ robot – and how will they impact on the future of our work, well-being and even our autonomy? Over the next couple of days (23rd/24th October), these questions along with many others will be tackled in an event at the University of Sussex entitled ‘Robots and You’.

Part of the European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics conference, the event sees a panel of leading academics in the field and those involved in the development of cognitive technology – representatives from industry, the military, healthcare and the media coming together to discuss the complex issues around the subject.

And we would love you to get involved too. 

Have a question? You can submit a question or comment via the web, Twitter (using #robotsandyou) or through videos and audio files, sent to A selection of the questions will then be put to the panel for discussion during the conference. For example, can we trust any machine to make key decisions? How does an artificial system know right from wrong? How far can we expect robots to learn from their experiences and how does this relate to our own interactions with them?

Co-organiser Dr Ron Chrisley, Director of the Centre for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex and a member of the Sussex Neuroscience group, knows just how concerned we can all be about the driving progression of intelligent robotics: ‘Smart technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that we’ll be seeing systems taking over and making decisions that we may not agree with’

‘For the first time since we started our European network of researchers, we’re offering the public the opportunity to have some of their ethical and social concerns discussed by those at the forefront of this technology.’

The discussion is bound to be fascinating, with the outcomes posted on the main event ‘Robots and You’ website.

(image by Bruno de Lorenzo via sxc)

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