New Designers 2013 – a showcase for the product designers

Each year the final year BSc Product Designers take their projects to exhibit at the highly acclaimed New Designers showcase at the Business Design Centre in London.  This year, graduate Scott Mighall talks about the experience…

‘New Designers 2013 – for most of the Product Design Graduates at Sussex University this would have been the very first, and possibly only opportunity where our work would be exhibited to a completely public audience. An audience that had not been filtered in any way, and one where the visitors had solely chosen to attend. The result is unrivalled feedback from people from a great variety of background’s and industries, but what was possibly most beneficial was that they all carried the same underlying message.

new designers 2013

Standing talking to a fairly constant stream of people, what connected us with the visitors was a passion for design and the focus just happened to be the work that we had been creating for the whole of the last academic year. Of course working on our own projects so heavily for so long we all ran the risk of forgetting what life is like beyond the bubble that is the University of Sussex.

New Designers is brilliant for allowing new creative’s to network and talk to each other and see what people across the country have been up to. Although we are all individuals and entering the competitive workplace together, one thing that becomes more obvious by exhibiting under one roof is that as designers we are actually one team and it is our responsibility to help improve the lives of everyone around us.

Politicians can talk and the media has the ability to publicise, but as designers we have the ability to interact not only on a personal level but at a product level and it is this which is so important for the future.

So despite wilting under the Business Design Centres roof over the week what exactly was that underlying message? For me although I heard it in a number of forms from lots of visitors, the clearest were from Dick Powell when he addressed everyone exhibiting on Wednesday evening:

“Do what you love, and if you don’t love what your doing try something else”

These words are really important to anyone whether it is design you want to enter or any other field. After all at our age and stage in our career we have nothing to loose… but everything to gain.

New Designers has given many of us the confidence to pursue our dreams, and a network of advice and experience that can help us all in paving our futures and driving forward design which can create positive change’

(Scott Mighall – BSc Product Design graduate 2013)

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