The Eco Technology show in Brighton – a student’s experience…

Five final year students from the BSc Product Design course recently exhibited at the Eco Technology Show in Brighton – the first time that their work has been seen outside of the boundaries of the University.

We caught up with Product Designer Tala Jarallah to ask about how she found the experience…

‘With our degrees in Product Design finally and officially over, we began to look ahead to the next thing, the Eco-Technology Show. Two days in the Brighton Centre presented the first opportunity to exhibit our work in the public sphere, gaining invaluable experience for the upcoming New Designers Show in London and preparing us for the future.

tala stand s

Surrounded by endless innovation and Eco-experts we were able to learn more about sustainable design through informative seminars and friendly conversations with fellow exhibitors. As young and upcoming designers the highlight of the exhibition was the feedback we received from the general public in addition to those from industry, with each individual giving an interesting insight into the our products and ways in which they could be developed further.

Attending the show provided a great chance to see what was current in Eco-friendly technology and design, including to the educational experience of exhibiting, public interest and being a part of a truly inspirational and successful event’.

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