a win for ‘The Agents’…

A team of six second year undergraduate Computer Science students have won the annual prize for Software Engineering by creating a simulated battle between nests of red and black ants.

The winning team, who called themselves ‘The Agents’ in homage to the characters in the ‘Matrix’ trilogy, consisted of Milan Gritta, Joe Horton, Alexander Jeffery, Mutsa Magonde, Ryan Parkinson-Faulkner and Joshua Paroussis. ‘The Agents’ were presented with a £200 prize from Brighton software company Semantico, who sponsored the competition.

At the presentation, Declan Newman, the Technical Director of Semantico said:

‘The Ant Game project never fails to impress us on many levels, not least for the maturity of the project participants’ attitude toward teamwork, collaboration and the high quality of what is delivered. It’s great to see this degree of commitment and enthusiasm from both the University and students alike. Semantico are very proud to be involved with this project and are committed to provide continued encouragement and support.’

And Andy Holyer, who teaches the module also recognises the scale of the ant game;

‘The project is very large and complicated, and it is a difficult challenge to complete it given the time allowed. I am really impressed by the quality of the work produced by all the students on the module, not just the winners.’

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