final year Product Designers partner with Fixperts

‘Fixing’ is a huge movement and change of thinking currently within the extended design world, and recently a group of four third year Product Designers undertook a Fixperts project – identifying a problem then using creativity, innovation and a few bits and pieces to create a quick solution.

The Fixperts project began with a conversation between James Carrigan, co-founder of the fixing wonder material  Sugru and Daniel Charny, curator of Power of Fixing and aims to do the following…

“The Fixperts project connects people. People that are good at thinking and making are invited to meet and help someone they don’t know with a day-to-day problem that has been frustrating or difficult for them to overcome. We make a film about it, capturing the story of the fix. We then make these films available online to support the understanding of design through fixing”

The first films were created and published online in September 2012, with many dedicated people coming together to get the project started and since then, designers and organisations across the world have been using the power of fixing to affect design for the good.

And so the University of Sussex Product Design team linked with a person and a problem and together, got fixing.


Two hours, discussions, sketches, prototypes and a lot of biscuits later, the team found solutions to a few of the issues that Bronte had with her adrenaline auto injector, creating a completely personal solution which suited her needs.

And all of this was captured by the great team at the University of Sussex Media Technology Lab, who created this great film of the journey, which is also featured on the Fixperts site.

The solution is a very quick and effective project with a great result – showcasing how fixing and hacking should, and will be an integral part of design for the 21st century.

Well done to everyone involved – particularly the Product Designers and the MTL team at the University of Sussex.

(photo by claire potter film by Sussex University MTL )

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